Businesses - New technologies

Specialising in the electrification of vehicles with heat engines, Modena-based company Electric Vehicles Srl transforms commercial vehicles with heat engines that transport goods and people into electrical and twin-propulsion vehicles. Link manages and coordinates Electric Vehicle’s activities in France, organising meetings with existing and potential customers and working with the company during trade negotiations up until it wins new contracts.

The partnership with LINK has enabled Electric Vehicles s.r.l. to contact important companies specialised in goods and people transportation. The partnership has had a significant commercial impact and has led to potential technical partnerships. Thanks to this, cooperation between EV and Link will expand in the near future

Welles Guerrieri, Director, EV srl
Businesses - Industrial installations

ROSSS SPA is a leading company in Italy in the design and manufacture of racks and shelving systems for large retailers and manufacturing and logistics companies.

Link worked with ROSSS on its development strategy for the French market by identifying expert contacts in the large retail sector and selecting and organising a network of specialised commercial agents. During this phase of development, Link also took care of the country management of the commercial network in agreement and synergy with ROSSS management.

We have been supported by Link for more than 12 months to implement our penetration strategy in the French market. Thanks to their professionalism and vast knowledge of this country, we have been able to select 3 agents, 1 for the large retail sector and 2 for manufacturing.
We have also decided to put Link in charge of managing the brand new commercial network with a temporary country management contract as we rely on their experience and reliability.

Giancarlo Binetti, Commercial Director, ROSSS
Sectors - Sector Marketing

Invest in Tuscany is Tuscany’s agency for economic promotion. Before scouting, Link  prepared for Invest in Tuscany a value proposition for the automotive, mobility and transport sector in the region to identify potential investors.
Based on this, measures to attract investments were taken through focused scouting during significant events for this sector or by directly approaching companies that have been chosen as priority targets. We then assisted these companies during visits to the region and meetings with potential partners all the way up to making a final decision on investing.

The work that has been carried out with Link has been excellent. In particular, I want to highlight what I consider to be the strengths of this enterprise: extreme professionalism, pragmatism, great operational flexibility and the ability to act as a true bridge between Italian and international markets.

Filippo Giabbani, Senior Executive, Invest in Tuscany