We work with enterprises and help them to develop internationally by identifying and selecting in their target countries the partners or clients who best match their strategies and objectives for sales, production, services or projects.

Our interlocutors are CEOs or R&D Managers of companies, research organisations or technology parks or districts. Our clients meet business decision-makers and implementers.

Our main area of expertise is in highly technological sectors where we identify growth opportunities and new business, and add value for our clients by meeting strategic or complementary partners. Cross fertilisation of skills generates far better results than their simple combination.

Close partners who will take you far

  • Business research

    We organise missions for our customers in order to identify new strategic clients in those countries where they plan to expand their activities, gain market share or set up joint ventures with new partners. Our clients can thus reach their target markets very quickly.

  • Local multilingual assistance

    We ensure local multilingual assistance during trade promotions, when making contactand during negotiations. We are there to help our clients understand cultural and linguistic codes enabling them to gain the trust of their new interlocutors.

  • Networking

    We find the most suitable partners and the best channels to develop our clients’ plans to set up a business in foreign markets.

  • Establishing foundations

    We find the best contacts in enterprises and research centres to offer our clients the opportunity to take part in innovative projects with high added value.